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Bottle almost empty Notification (6)
Bottle almost empty Notification (6)

Why am I getting the notification and what should I do?

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When will I get the notification?

The pHi-Tech system decreases the dosage amount from the bottle volume in every injection. It will give a "Bottle almost empty" notification when the volume in the bottle is left for X amount of injections, which the user specified in the mobile App settings.

For example:

Bottle volume of 100 ml, dosage 0.1 with the parameter set to 200 injections, will give a "Bottle almost empty" alert when there is 20ml left.
Bottle volume of 500 ml, dosage 0.5 with the parameter set to 100 injections, will give a "Bottle almost empty" alert when there is 50ml left.

Types of Notifications

Control Unit

The Control Unit will display a message and an icon which will give you an indication of where the problem is, in the Primary or secondary Control Unit.
The message will display for 20 seconds before it disappears.
You can also press the OK button to get rid of it:

The yellow light indication will stay until the bottle is empty which then the light indication will turn red or if you reset the bottle volume and then the light will turn off.

Hand Unit

The Hand Unit will show an orange light indication. The orange light will stay until it switches to a red light when the bottle is empty or if the bottle dosage has been reset.

Mobile App

  • To turn off the "Bottle almost empty alert" Click here.

This is how the notification appears in different languages:


  • Frasco quase vazio Aperte OK

  • Бутылка почти пуста Нажм.ОК

  • Vial casi vacío Pres OK

  • Şişe boşalmak üzere, OK' e basınız.

  • Флакон з вакциною Майже порожній Натисніть ОК

  • palack Majdnem ÜresOK Nyomása

  • Почти празна бутилка Натиснете OK

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