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How to update the Mobile App on Android?
How to update the Mobile App on Android?

Getting the newest pHi-Tech App version

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Written by Hadas Movshovitz
Updated over a week ago

We are continuously improving and adding new features to the Mobile App. You should always use updated version in order to get the most out of the App.
Depending on the settings in your mobile phone, the app might update itself the moment a new version is released. If not, you can do it manually.


  1. Go to the Play Store.

    2. Click in the 3 line icon on the left of the search text box.

    3. Click on "My apps & games".

    4. Make sure your looking at the "Updates" tab.

    5. Search for the pHi-Tech App.
        The pHi-Tech App will appear in this list only if there is an update for it.

    6. Press on "Update".

    7. Wait for the Update to finish.

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