How to Reset Counters?

Reset counters on the Control Unit

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After the life cycle of each component, when you switch the component you also need to reset the counter in the Control Unit.
Look here for Recommended amounts for replacing parts.

The reset is done separately for each component. Therefore you can choose to replace and reset only one component at a time.

How to Reset a Counter?

  1. Switch on the Control Unit

     2. Navigate to the Replacement screen by clicking on the arrows.

     3. Press OK to enter the Replacement mode.

     4. Navigate with the arrows to the component which you are replacing and would
         like to reset the counter for:

  • Bottle

  • Needle

  • Injection Head

  • Injector

         Once you reach the wanted component, press OK.

     5. When you see the arrow, Press OK.
          You will return to the main menu.

  • On the main screen you can see the bottle volume is full again-

* When using a Dual system, you can reset the counters for the bottle and the Injector
   of the second vaccine bottle / Control Unit.

Follow the steps above to do so with the only difference of the second vaccine bottle icon on the display.

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