How and when to preform the Calibration?

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Our system has a New Self-Calibrating mechanism according to the set dosage and will automatically fix the deviation in each injection from the X.4.12 Firmware Version.

Please Note

You should use a precise syringe to avoid false results.

The self-calibrating mechanism suits vaccines injected between 25°C-30°C,

The system does not need calibration every day but it's crucial to verify there is no air\bubbels in the system when performing the calibration.

When do you need to Calibrate?

We recommend performing the calibration in the following cases to maximize your Injection event results-

  1. Every time you replace a vaccination program.

  2. After replacing an injector.

  3. Vaccine temperature is too cold (20°C) or too warm (30°C).

  4. You are using an adjuvant water vaccine.

  5. Extreme high or low viscosity vaccine.

  6. Vaccine leakage/vaccine bottle finishing too fast/slow.

When to perform the Calibration?

Once a week, even if it's the same vaccination program; after 70-100 injections.

How to perform Calibration?

-Please notice- From X.4.11 The Calibration is configured at Normal speed.

Step by Step

  1. Navigate to the Calibration screen and click on the OK button to start the Calibration process.

2. Take a syringe in your hands and hold it facing up or use a measuring canister.
With an automatic Injection Head- Press the trigger on the Hand Unit and pull
back the Injection Head.
With a manual Injection Head, just press the trigger.
The system will automatically deliver ten doses.

3. Check the injected material volume in the syringe.

Correct Volume
If the dosage in the syringe is the correct amount, press the down arrow to
reach the Save field, click OK, and continue to step 6.

Incorrect Volume
1. If the dosage in the syringe is not correct, go to the 'Volume' field and click OK.

2. When you see the full arrow, use the up and down arrows to set the volume
that is currently in the syringe.

3. When done, Click OK.

4. Go to the Save field and click OK.

5. Press OK to stop the Calibration mode.

  • When using a Dual system, after calibrating the first vaccine bottle, repeat the process for the second vaccine bottle.

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