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How to make the Calibration accurate?
How to make the Calibration accurate?

Is there vaccine left in the bottle? What should I look for?

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Most of the issues regarding vaccine left in the bottle or vaccinating a wrong dosage are due to inaccuracies. To avoid this, please follow the next steps:

  1. Make sure the syringe you use is accurate

    Perform the calibration process once into a clean measuring cup and once into a measuring syringe (see point 2 for instructions).

    If they are equal - you can calibrate using the syringe as is.

    If the dosages in the measuring cup and the syringe are not equal, mark the point to which the vaccine filled up inside the syringe. This is caused by syringe volume measurements are not always 100% accurate. By marking the correct volume on the syringe, you will be able to accurately calibrate your pHi-Tech system in the future using only the syringe.

  2. Hold the syringe facing up

    The syringe must be held facing up, with the plunger inside in order to measure the accurate dose. If you measure the vaccine volume when the syringe tip is facing down (see image 2) you are also measuring the vaccine filling up the tip and therefore, the measured dose will appear larger than it actually is.

  3. Most providers supply 5% more vaccine than the volume stated on the bottle. Therefore, you might still have some vaccine left in the bottle even if you calculate the exact number of injections that can be performed per bottle. This is why we recommend weighing the vaccine bottle before you start using it in order to better predict how many dosages can be injected from it.

  4. Use a syringe that matches the dose you need in order to get it as accurate as can be.

    For example, if you are injecting 0.2ml use a 2ml / max 3ml syringe and not a 10ml syringe.

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