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How to make the Calibration accurate?Is there vaccine left in the bottle? What should I look for?
Hand Unit leakage from the ports
Hand unit- Orange light is stuckThe orange hand Unit light is stuck
Empty blue screen on the Control Unit
High viscosity vaccine
Hand Unit- Injection without lights onSolving issue- injecting without lights on
Hand Unit Flashlight is not turning onSolving issues- Hand Unit Flashlight is not turning on
When will the injector not go back to the home position?
How to check the actuator is at home position?
How to insert the O-Ring back into the Injector?
How to reassemble the Injection Head?
Needle drippingWhat is the cause and what should be done?
Injector bursting out
No injection using an Automatic Injection HeadWhy is no vaccine coming out?
Improper injection profileWhat should I do?
C&D liquids spilling out from the cradleCleaning & Disinfection (C&D)
Solving Injector IssuesHow to check and clean the Injector?
The system gets stuck on the initialization screenSystem upload
Injector chamber filled with vaccine
The system can not be turned onHardware - batteries
The injection head cannot be properly connected to the hand unit
No vaccine flow through the needleThe vaccine doesn't come out from the needle
The injector cannot be inserted properly into the control unit
Can’t remove the Injector from the Control Unit
Routine injection process is not starting
The priming process is not filling the tubes with the injected materialSolving Priming Issues
Dual mode fails to inject both materials
The priming process has not startedSolving Priming Issues
Secondary Control Unit not identifiedPrimary Control Unit does not detect the Secondary Control Unit
The Control Unit is not powering on
The display on the Control Unit does not turn onNo display and no light on the Control Unit
The device is shutting down after performing an injectionSolving issue- battery