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Injector chamber filled with vaccine
Injector chamber filled with vaccine
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  1. Check that there's an Injector in the chamber 

  2. Verify all three injector caps are screwed/closed firmly.

    3. Check that the Injector is in it's place by pushing it inside tightly until you hear a

    4. Make sure that the four O-rings are in place. Two on the inlet pipe and two on the
        outlet pipe.

    5. If none of the above helped, let's try to detect where the leak is coming from:
         A- The manifold.
         B- The vaccine tube.

  • Close the pinch valve. 

  • Take the Injector out and dry the vaccine with a paper towel.

  • Insert a different Injector.

  • Open the pinch valve.

  • Look for a leak. The vaccine tube might have a hole near the connection to the manifold.

  • If you still haven't seen a leak, leave the Injector door open and start injecting.
    Look for the leak, it will come either from the Injector or from the manifold. 

 If you still have an issue after please contact pHi-Tech support.

*Whenever taking action on the Injector, make sure the pinch valve is closed.

For more information check the link below-
How to replace the Injector?

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