System Warnings
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  • When using the Automatic Injection Head, to avoid accidental needle stabbing, the Hand Unit trigger should only be pressed when injecting and the safety cover should only be pressed against the desired injection site target.

  • Store the vaccine or injected material according to manufacturer instructions.

  • Replacement parts should be changed after receiving an alert message in the primary control unit and/or the Mobile App.

  • Please note the injectors and temperature sensors are protected from light.

  • Perform the calibration process at the beginning of every vaccination event.

  • You must close the pinch valve before removing the Injector.

  • The cleaning and disinfection (C&D) process need to be done at the end of every workday. Click here for the Cleaning and disinfection instructions.

  • The pHi-Tech system should be cleaned properly to keep it in proper working order and to minimize biosecurity risks.

  • The pHi-Tech Vaccination system should only be used by an operator who has been trained by Phibro Animal Health Corporation trainers.

Battery Warnings

  • Do not use any battery other than the rechargeable battery provided with the system.

  • Do not use any battery charger other than the battery charger provided with the system.

  • All the received batteries need to be fully charged before first use.
    In each use with the device, make sure the battery is charged.

  • When disposing of the Battery, please follow local regulations and instructions.

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