Firmware version X.4.7

Configurable injection speed

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Our newest firmware release for the pHi-Tech devices includes several new features:

  • Configurable injection speed:
    By pressing the Mode button on the menu and scrolling down to
    Injection Speed, we can configure the speed to Normal/High:

    The High speed is relevant for intramuscular injection in broiler breeder farms
    (at a bigger age, with a bigger breast muscle), and for vaccines with high viscosity index.
    Each injection will be delivered with more pressure to enable a more precise deposition of the vaccine.

    Instead of 50% PWM, the start speed of the injection changed to 90% PWM.

    As a reminder, remember to warm the vaccines as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • BLE communication:
    After turning on the device and pressing Ok on the first main screen,
    the communication with the device will start.

    Please pay attention!
    You won't be able to communicate with the device before pressing Ok on one of the options.

  • Shutdown order:

    When turning off the device, we save first the data to avoid loss of information.

  • Cleaning & Disinfection process:
    An extreme high-temperature alert will be displayed now when the temperature during the cleaning process is more than 74°C degrees.

    The high-temperature alert will not stop the system at 65°C degrees, a warning with red lights on the control unit and the hand unit will be shown.

  • Blue Light:
    During the Calibration and Priming process, the blue light will be turned on for indication on the hand unit and in the control unit.

  • High-Pressure alert Fix:

    When there is a slowdown in the system now and the device gives a High-Pressure alert it won't perform an automatic injection.

    You need to press ok and check if the blockage is released.

  • Replacing parts alerts:

    The alerts for replacing the injection head and injector will be shown after 350,000 injections.

  • Data management improvement:
    The first history record bug that came with the previous vaccination program is fixed now.

  • Device clock bug fix when connected to the app.

  • Default date - 1/1/2018.

  • Bug fixes.

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