Firmware version X.4.13

Software Adjustments

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Our newest firmware release for the pHi-Tech devices includes several new features:

  • The default injection speed changed to High instead of Normal.

  • 🎉Oil and water mode? Not anymore!

    The mode is no longer required since we have made adjustments to the system in Oil&Oil mode, making it suitable for both Oil&Water adjuvant vaccines.

    *It will also not be optional to change through the pHi-Tech app.

  • 🎉The Lower dosage now can be in the primary as well!
    We also removed the alert from the mobile app and it won't be relevant anymore-

  • CU to HU communication error will be discovered sooner when there is no communication, meaning the alert will be shown faster if there is a disconnection.

  • At a fourth High-pressure alert, if the system tries to get back to the home position again with no error message, the alert will be considered as the first high-pressure detection, and the "High-pressure continue working" warning will be shown.

    Please notice

    If High Pressure is detected in the system- the next injection will be at Normal speed (even if High speed is selected).

  • 🎉 New! Notification received
    This alert will be shown if you are working with a high-viscosity vaccine and a blockage is detected.

    The red light will turn on the Control unit and the Hand unit. After pressing ok it will be released.

  • 🎉New! Temp sensor validation

    After the initialization screen, the system checks the temperature and if it detects an issue with one of the units, it will give a notification.

  • Bootloader Version

    The bootloader is a piece of code in firmware that runs when the device is powered.
    We have added now an indication on the startup screen of the version each device has.
    For the first version, you'll have this shown in the initialization process-

  • Bug fixes
    Including the hand unit green light freeze (communication error) and the system freeze.

To upgrade to the X.4.13 firmware version- you need to perform the FOTA process.

If you are having any issues please contact pHi-Tech support.

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