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Our newest Firmware version x.4.11 is now available for pHi-Tech devices!

It includes several changes and improvements:

  • High-pressure

    • Improved High-pressure detection

    • When we detect high pressure, we repump to lower the pressure.

    • New high-pressure detection process. Click here for more information.

    Please notice!
    If high pressure is detected- the next injection will be at normal speed (even if high speed is selected).

  • The Calibration, Priming, Cleaning & Disinfection processes are configured now to normal speed all the time (regardless of your injection configuration- high\normal).​

  • Home position Verification
    -Changed the limitation to verify that the actuator will get back to the home position.

    -At the device's startup, we verify the motor is in the home position by actuator movement change.

  • 🎉 New! Opening screen-

  • 🎉 New! Initialization screen-

  • 🎉 New! Notifications received
    during the initialization-

  • The Injector-blocked alert is removed.

  • Fixed bugs.

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