Firmware version X.4.9

Firmware Enhancements

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Our newest Firmware version x.4.9 is now available for pHi-Tech devices.

It includes several enhancements:

  • Every time the power button is pressed, a history record will be closed, and we'll save all the data to the device's memory to prevent data loss.

  • The option for 'Yes, New configuration' is removed from the startup screen:

  • There won't be a delay between the injection and the pump.
    The Green LED will turn on when the motor finish injecting.

  • The default Injection speed changed to High, and the 'Normal' injection speed changed to 'Low'.

  • Every time the Injection Speed changes, we now close a history record.

  • We have improved the High-pressure detection.
    Also, after a high-pressure detection, the system will move the injector backward to lower the pressure.

  • The pumping speed increased.

  • The hand unit communication timeout changed from half a second to five seconds.

  • We added a startup line on the Welcome screen that displays the Firmware Version and the Serial Number for the primary, secondary, and hand unit:

- P24.8 - means that we are working with a device of Poultry.
The first number after the P (2) is the language, and the numbers after (4.8) indicate the Firmware version installed on the device.

- P3844 - This is the Serial Number of the Primary control unit.

- H2688 - shows the Serial Number of the Hand Unit. If you have a dual device, after the first communication with the Secondary unit, there will be shown S3488 instead, which will indicate the Serial Number of the Secondary unit.

* For your notice
Firmware version X.4.8 is the same as X.4.9 with a small fix.
We have found a minor bug when the hand unit serial number contained five digits. The last digit remained when the screen switched to the secondary serial number, so we have released a repaired version called X.4.9 instead.

If you have already updated to x.4.8, it's not mandatory and you can decide if you want to upgrade your devices or not.

To upgrade to the X.4.9 firmware version- you need to insert your device into FOTA mode.

If you are having any issues please contact pHi-Tech support.

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