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Firmware Upgrade Over The Air | FOTA
Firmware Upgrade Over The Air | FOTA

How to upgrade the Control Unit over the air using the Mobile App

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The pHi-Tech team releases new firmware versions occasionally with new features.
In order for you to get the latest firmware on your device, you need to perform the FOTA process.


  • To perform the FOTA you have to be logged in to your pHi-Tech account in the Mobile App, have Bluetooth and internet connection and make sure the pHi-Tech device has at least 50% battery.

  • The following instructions are for Single and Dual systems. 

  • When using a Dual system make sure the Secondary Unit is connected to the Primary Unit prior to the FOTA process.

  • DO NOT MINIMIZE OR KILL THE APP during the process. It will cancel the upgrade and you'll need to start over again. 

  • The process will take approximately half an hour per device. If possible, it is recommended to use a phone that is not in use and make sure you charge the phone throughout the process.

  • Once the device is in FOTA mode, meaning it's ready for an upgrade - you will not be able to work with the device until you finish the upgrade process. The FOTA process deletes the device software from it's memory. If you are unable to complete the upgrade process once the device is in this mode - please contact our support center at or via our chat button.

Let's begin

  1. Make sure you have the latest Mobile App version (Android Instructions, iPhone instructions).

  2. Set the Control Unit to FOTA mode by pressing and holding the down arrow button on the Primary Control Unit. Keep pressing until the end of this step. Keep pressing the down arrow, and press the On/Off button (together) to turn on the device. Wait for the Cleaning & Disinfection icon to turn off. Wait for another second and Leave the down arrow button. The priming icon should flash once for a Single system and Twice or three times for a Dual system

  • if you have a Dual system and the priming icon did not flash more than once, the process will not upgrade the Secondary Unit. 

  • Turn off the Primary Control Unit. 

  • Check the Secondary Unit has battery and is connected properly to the Primary Unit.

  • Turn the Primary Unit back on by following the instructions at the beginning of stage 2.

You will see the light blue light indicator. This indicates that the device is now ready for the firmware upgrade.

3. In the Mobile App, if you haven't connected to the devices yet, you will see pop up
messages. Press "Accept":

4. Wait for the device to connect to your Mobile App.

5. Once you have connected to the devices, look for the orange FOTA icon
beside the devices you are performing the FOTA on.

6. Click on one of the flags icon.

Or click on the main menu and then choose the 'Upgrade Devices' option.

8. In the next screen you will see the devices that are in FOTA mode.
If you can see them, make sure your Bluetooth is on and that the devices are in FOTA mode (step #2)
Click Start Upgrade to begin.

8. In the pop-up message choose the Firmware language version you would like. Your language will be the default choice (If there is one). If you want a different Firmware language, choose it and click confirm.

9. You will see a list of all the devices in FOTA mode and their status.

10. When all devices finish successfully, you will receive a message.

*You will also get notifications-

11. Press Confirm.

12. You will see the status of all the devices. Press "Back to Device Management" to return exit this screen.

13. In the Device Management screen, look for the green icons, which mean
    you are out of FOTA mode and communicating with the devices.

     14. Check the version of the firmware by clicking on the device you just performed
           the FOTA on.

           Press the "View Generic Info" button.

        Look for the Primary version (and Secondary version if your upgraded a Dual
        system). Make sure it matches the version you upgraded to.
​        It might take a few seconds to get updated.

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