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Configurable Injection speed
Configurable Injection speed

Configure your settings

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You can choose whether you'd like to work in Normal\High injection speed.

The High speed is relevant for intramuscular injection in broiler breeder farms
(at a bigger age, with a bigger breast muscles), and for vaccines with a high viscosity index.
Each injection will be delivered with more pressure to enable a more precise deposition of the vaccine.

Please note

If you are working with a dual device with a high viscosity vaccine you need to put the higher viscosity vaccine on the primary unit.

As a reminder, remember to warm the vaccines as recommended by the manufacturer.

On the Mobile

Press on the device card you'd like to change the setting and enable\disable
the High Injection Speed field:

On the Control Unit

By pressing the Mode button on the menu and scrolling down to
Injection Speed, we can configure the speed to Normal/High:

  1. Turn on the Control Unit.

2. Navigate to the Mode icon and press OK to enter the Mode settings.

3. Navigate to the Inj. Speed field and press OK to change the configuration.

4. Press OK to exit the 'Inj.Speed' field.

7. Navigate with the arrows to the Esc field.

8. Press OK to exit the Mode settings.

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