1. Make sure you pressed ok to “Start”. If yes, the light indication would be blue.

2. In Automatic mode, press and hold the Hand Unit's trigger while pulling the Injection Head backward until the injected material comes out of the needle.

3. Verify the vaccine bottle is full.

4. Verify the vaccine bottle is placed upside down.

5. Verify the spike has penetrated through the cap into the bottle

6. Verify the pinch valve is open

7. Try switching the injection mode from automatic to manual and check if it's working.

8. Verify the Injector is connected properly

8. Verify the Injector is working properly-
Please make sure❗ to turn off the device first and close the pinch valve.

Push and pull the metal pin 10 times in the air to check if there are any particles inside-

  • Close the injector inlet hole and simultaneously try to pull the metal pin out.
    You should feel a resistance and the pin will gently force itself to go back into the injector.

  • Close the injector outlet hole, and simultaneously try to push in the metal pin inside the injector. You should feel a resistance and the pin will gently force itself to remain outside the injector.

  • If it's not working, repeat the same process while the Injector is soaked in hot water between 50-60°C degrees and Bromosept 1%.

    After, pump again in the air the Injector metal pin 10 times to make sure there are no more liquids Inside.

If the injector is working properly, you can insert it back into the control unit.

Please notice the actuator is sticking out when putting the injector back in the control unit and that the injector cover is securely closed.

9. Turn back on the device and open the pinch valve. Perform priming again to check if it's resolved.

If you still have an issue please contact pHi-Tech support.

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