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Improper injection profile
Improper injection profile

What should I do?

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You're experiencing a continuous vaccine flow through the needle or a poor stream instead of a delivery of a sharp vaccine quantity.

Follow the next stages and find the reason for the issue-

  1. Look for air bubbles in the vaccine tubes. If there are, you need to look where they are coming from:

  2. Check the Spike connection and verify no leakage.

  3. Check the connections between the vaccine tubes and the Control Units.

  4. Look for a tube blockage.

  5. Make sure you are using the proper Injection Head. 

  6. Verify proper vaccine temperature: 25°C–40°C / 77°F-104°F. 

  7. Turn off the system, take out the Injector and move its metal pin in and out a few times.

  8. Replace the injector.

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