A user can define the desirable vaccine temperature range for each vaccine separately. Once the system detects the vaccine temperature is out of range it will give a notification.

The low vaccine temperature range can be between 5°C-35°C / 39°F-95°F and the high vaccine temperature range can be between 10°C-40°C / 50°F-104°F.

The default parameter for the low vaccine temperature is 25°C / 77°F and the high vaccine temperature is 40°C / 104°F.

How to set the desirable vaccine temperature range?

  1. Click on Vaccine Management from the menu.

2. If you are creating a new vaccine, click on "Add Vaccine".

Enter the vaccine details including the low and high desirable temperature.

3. If you want to change the vaccine temperature range for a specific vaccine, click on the pencil icon beside the wanted vaccine:

And change the temperature:

4. Click Save.

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