Temperature measurement

When does the temperature get measured and what are the recommended temperatures?

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After 20 injections, the system starts measuring the temperature.

From X.4.12 Firmware version-
The temperature presented is the actual temperature detected.

The temperature is measured only during vaccine flow.
Meaning while injecting, priming, calibrating, and cleaning & disinfecting.
When the vaccine stops flowing, the last detected temperature will be displayed.

The reading accuracy of the temperature sensor can be +/-1 degrees.

In the previous Firmware versions-

The temperature displayed is the average of the last 10 measurements performed once a second.

Vaccine temperature

Set by the user for each vaccine separately in the Mobile App or in the Web App.

Recommended vaccine temperature: 25 - 35°C

Cleaning & disinfection temperature

The water needs to be between 50°-60°C / 122°-140°F.

The device will give a Red light indication on the Control unit and the Hand unit if it is above 65°C / 149°F.

The system will give an Extremely high alert - a Red light indication on the Control and Hand units if it is above 75°C / 167°F.

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