Needle dimensions

What diameter should be used? How short can the needle be?

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In order for the pHi-Tech system to work properly, you need to use the recommended needle dimensions.

Recommended vaccine temperature: 25 - 35°C

Recommended dimensions

*Recommended dimensions for the Slim Injection head- Click here

Penetration Depth

  • Using the Automatic Injection head (with the safety cover) will allow you to adjust and change the penetration depth.
    If the safety cover is screwed all the way, the max penetration depth will be 9mm.

  • When using the Manual Injection head, the penetration depth will be as the needle length.

Please pay attention!

For high viscosity vaccine - Use a G18 needle only.

Please note, the Needle hub can prevent the needle from coming out of the safety cover.

To get specific information and a recommendation from our specialists according to your birds age\vaccines etc. feel free to contact pHi-Tech support.

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