Slim Injection head

How to use it?

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The slim Injection Head configuration is with one needle and can only be used with plastic needles.

You can use Single or Dual injection heads.

  • The vaccine can be injected either intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Needle dimensions

*If you don't have the required needles to work with the Slim Injection Head please contact pHi-Tech support to assist with delivery of needles for you.

Penetration depth

The Penetration depth is adjustable and equal to the needle length minus 3 mm.
The maximum depth is 6 mm.

The penetration depth depends on the movement of the injection head.

Needle length-

If you screw this part- you'll get less movement for subcutaneous injection

The needle will get exposed if you are turning this part counterclockwise-

In that way, it will be easier to deposit the injection head for a subcutaneous injection.

The needle will get inside if you are turning this part clockwise since the metal part will go backward.

Please note

You can't screw this part more than the maximum since it will get disconnected.
You can screw it only until you hear the click.

Injection Head stroke length-

If you screw this part, you'll get less penetration for subcutaneous injection

The minimum penetration depth is 3.5 mm.

Please Note

When screwing the Plastic part you must hear a click when you reach the required penetration depth.
Otherwise, you may have issues that the head stuck backward during an injection.

Safety cover

The safety cover needs to be removed during the needle replacement.

Two ways of injection

  1. Press the Hand Unit`s trigger and insert the needle to perform an injection

  2. Deposit the needle and then press the Hand Unit`s trigger o perform an injection

In order to keep the device in the best condition for prolonged use we recommend replacing the parts after 400,000 injections.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact pHi-Tech support.

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