How to Replace the Injection Head
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  1. Turn off the primary control unit.

    2. When using an Automatic Injection Head, remove the safety cover.

    3. Remove the needle from the injection head.

    4. Loosen the green nut by turning it clockwise and pull it out.

    5. Hold the Injection Head by its base and pull it out.

    6. Take a new Injection Head.

    7. Direct the injection head with the wording side up and insert it to the Hand Unit. 

    8. Return the green nut by turning it counterclockwise.

    9. Assemble the needle back.

   10. When using an automatic Injection Head, screw the safety cover back on.

   11. Update the Injection Head type from the Control Unit or from your Mobile App.
       See instructions here:
​       Change Injection Head Type from the Mobile App
​       Change Injection Head Type from the Control Unit

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