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Automatic VS Manual Injection Head
Automatic VS Manual Injection Head
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There are a few differences between the Automatic and Manual Injection Heads. In the following article, we will go over the differences, what extra values does each type give us, how to inject with each type and more.

Main abilities

Automatic Injection Head

The Automatic Injection Head offers a safety mechanism which includes a safety cover over the needle and a block on the Hand Unit which lets you inject only after pressing the trigger.

How to inject with an Automatic Injection Head?

  1. Press & Hold the Trigger

  2. Push the Injection Head into the body at the injection location

  3. The Injection Head will automatically inject the vaccine when the needle is fully inserted 


The system knows you want to start injecting when you press the Hand Unit's trigger, then the flashlight will turn on and you can locate the injection place easier.

Manual Injection Head

The Manual Injection Head is similar to the manual injectors that are in use today, with the added value of the ability to collect the injection data.
This mode does not give an "Early needle pull" notification since it can't detect when you finished the injection. However, it will give you a beep and a light indication if you press the trigger too fast after the previous injection.

How to inject with a Manual Injection Head?

  1. Insert the Needle into the chicken

  2. Press the Trigger

  3. The vaccine will be injected


With the Manual Mode, the system does not have an indication of when you want to start injecting, therefor the flashlight stays on the whole time.

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