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How to perform Priming?

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Please Note

From X.4.11 The priming process is configured at Normal speed.

  1. Switch on the Control Unit

     2. Navigate to the Priming screen by clicking on the down arrow three times.

     3. Click on the OK button to start the Priming process.

     4.  Turn the Control Unit upside down while priming to avoid air bubbles.

Upside down control unit priming video:

5. With an automatic Injection Head- Press the trigger on the Hand Unit and pull
          back the Injection Head.
          With a manual Injection Head, just press the trigger.
          Wait for the vaccine to go through the tubes and start spurting out the needle.

     5. When the vaccine comes out properly, perform a few more injections to make

sure there is no air in the system and click OK in the Control Unit to disable the
         Priming process.

* When using a dual configuration system, after priming the first vaccine bottle, repeat
  the process for the second vaccine bottle.

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