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Hand Unit Flashlight
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The Hand Unit has a feature that is meant to help you find the injection location more easily in the dark poultry house.

Does the flashlight stay on?

As long as the flashlight feature is turned on in the Control Unit, When using an Automatic Injection Head, the flashlight will turn on when you press the trigger.
When using a Manual Injection Head, the flashlight will stay on the whole time.

How to turn on the flashlight?

The flashlight gets turned on from the Control Unit.

  1. Turn on the Control Unit.


2. Navigate to the Mode icon and press OK to enter the Mode settings.

    4. Navigate to the 'HU Light' field and press OK.


5. You can choose the light intensity by using the down and up arrows.
         You have a few options to choose from: High, Medium, Low or off.


6. Press OK to exit the 'HU Light' field.

    7. Navigate with the arrows to the Esc field.

    8. Press OK to exit the Mode settings.

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