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Hand Unit- Injection without lights on
Hand Unit- Injection without lights on

Solving issue- injecting without lights on

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When you can inject properly and the vaccine is coming out of the needle but you don't have the green light indication on the hand unit -
please follow the next steps:

  1. Turn off the device and verify the connection of the communication cable.

  2. Turn on the device and see if you have the lights turning on while injecting.

  3. If not- turn off the device again and replace the communication cable.
    Tighten the communication cable nut on the control unit and hand unit with pliers.

  4. Turn the device back on and try injecting.
    Make sure the green light is turning on now after you perform an injection.

  • If the Flashlight is not turning on- please Click Here and follow the instructions.

If you are still having any issues please contact pHi-Tech support.

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