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Hand unit- Orange light is stuck
Hand unit- Orange light is stuck

The orange hand Unit light is stuck

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When you have an orange light stuck on the hand unit during an injection event and the injection is not being performed\ when turning on the device and the Intialzion screen is stuck- there is probably a disconnection between the communication cable of the hand unit and the control unit-

What should be done?

  1. Turn off the device and verify the proper communication cable connection between the Hand unit and the Primary Control Unit.

  2. Turn on the device and try to inject the air.
    Verify the green light is turning on while injecting.

  3. If there is still an issue- Replace the communication cable.
    Tighten the communication cable nut on the control unit and hand unit with pliers.

  4. Turn the device back on and try injecting.
    Make sure the orange light is turned off and the green light is turning on now after you perform an injection.

  5. If you still have an issue- you probably need to replace the hand unit.
    Please contact your pHi-Tech regional representative to let him know of the issue.

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