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HU Communication Notification (9)
HU Communication Notification (9)

When the device is switched on, it gets stuck on Hand Unit Communication screen

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If the pHi-Tech system detects a problem with the communication of one of the components while initializing the Control Unit, the display will stay on the notification screen and won't continue to the main menu.

When will I see this notification?

This notification appears when the pHi-Tech system detects a disconnection in the communication cable between the Primary Control Unit and the Hand Unit.

What should be done?

  1. Shut down the Control Unit.

  2. Verify there's a proper tight connection on both sides of the cable by turning the nuts.

  3. If that doesn't help, remove the communication cable from the Hand Unit by turning the cable nut counterclockwise and gently pulling it out. Repeat this
    process for the other side of the communication cable which is connected to the
    Primary Control Unit.

       Connect it back tightly- Insert the male side to the Control Unit and turn the nut
       clockwise to tighten it.
       Connect the female side to the Hand Unit and turn the nut clockwise to tighten it.

    4. If that doesn't help, repeat stage 2 with a new communication cable.

This is how the notification appears in different languages:


  • Comunic. UM

  • Подкл.ручного блока

  • UM Comunicación

  • EÜ Bağlantısı

  • Зв'яз. Ручного Блоку

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