1. Before you start, make sure you see the two gray check marks on the top right of the device you would like to edit. That means your app has communicated with the device.

    2. Click on the device you would like to edit.

    3. Set the Injection Head Type according to the one you assembled on the Hand

      In our example, we changed it from Manual to Automatic:

    4. Scroll down and click on the "Send" button.

    5. In the next pop up screen, you can decide to duplicate the Injection Head Type
        setting to all your other devices.
        Choose the option the suits you.
        Click on "No need" if you want the change to apply only on the current device.

    6. Wait fro the Mobile App to communicate with the device.
        Watch the single gray check mark and wait for it to change to two gray check

  • You can look in the Control Unit Mode settings to see the change:

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