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High-pressure Error Shut down the system (22)
High-pressure Error Shut down the system (22)

Why am I getting the Notification and what should I do?

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When will I get the notification?

This notification will appear only after the system checked with the user the following things:

  • If you hit the cartilage.

  • A blockage in the system- Usually in the needle.

  • If you are getting the warning about the Secondary Unit, check if you are using the Dual Injection Head and not the Single Injection Head by mistake.

Types of Notifications

Control Unit

The Control Unit will display a message.

Hand Unit

The Hand Unit will show a red light indication.

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What should be done?

1.. Perform an injection in the air. If it works, you are probably hitting a bone.
2. Check the actuator is in the home position, meaning sticking out and the Injector is placed in it. Read instructions here.

3. If it is, remove the injector from the system and turn on the system.
4. Check if you are injecting now without the injector, you can hear the engine is moving, and if you are still getting the error.

5. If it is working in that state now without the error, turn off the system again and insert the injector back into the system.
6. Turn the device on and make sure you are able to inject successfully.

7. If you are still having an issue, please contact a pHi-Tech representative.

This is how the notification appears in different languages:


  • Falha de alta pressao Pressione OK

  • Высокое давление Ошибка Нажмите ОК

  • Fallo Alt Presión Pres Ok

  • Yüksek basınç arızası OK'e bas

  • Високий тиск Фільтрів Натисніть ОК

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