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High-Pressure​- Replace the needle​ (30)
High-Pressure​- Replace the needle​ (30)

Why am I getting the Notification and what should I do?

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When will I get the notification?

When high pressure is detected in the system, and it isn't any of the other issues.

The device will try to release pressure and return to the home position. ​
If it can’t, the following message will appear:​

High-Pressure​ Replace the needle ​Then press ok.

Types of Notifications

Control Unit

The Control Unit will display a message.

Hand Unit

There will be a red light indication on the right side

Mobile App

What should be done?

  1. Replace the needle since there is probably a blockage.

  2. Press OK and continue working.

This is how the notification appears in different languages:


  • Alta Pressao Troque a agulha Pressione ok

  • Повышенное давлениезамените иглузатем нажмите ОК

  • Alta-Presión Cambie la Aguja Entonces presioneOk

  • Yüksek Basınç İğneyi Değiştir Sonra Ok Bas

  • Високий Тиск Замініть голку Натисніть ОК

  • Magas-NyomásCserélje ki a tűtEzután nyomjon ok-t

  • Високо налягане Сменете иглата След това натиснете OK

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