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High-Pressure- Verify use of Dual Injection Head (29)
High-Pressure- Verify use of Dual Injection Head (29)

Why am I getting the Notification and what should I do?

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When will I get the notification?

The third time, the system detects high pressure, it will try to release the pressure by returning the injector to the home position.

If it doesn't succeed- and we are using:

  1. A Dual system

  2. The high pressure is in the secondary unit or in both primary and secondary.

    The following message will appear:

High-Pressure​ Verify use of ​Dual Injection Head​ Then press ok.

Types of Notifications

Control Unit

The Control Unit will display a message with red light.

Hand Unit

There will be a red light indication on the right side

Mobile App

What should be done?

Verify the use of ​the right Injection Head​ Then press ok.

The message stays on the screen until you check it and click ok.

This is how the notification appears in different languages:


  • Alta Pressao Verifique se esta Usando a cabeca de Injecao dupla

  • Повышенное давление Убедитесь, что на РБ стоит двйоная ИГ затем нажмите ОК

  • Alta-Presión Verifique que usa el Cabezal de Inj Entonces presioneOk

  • Yüksek Basınç Kontrol Et Dual Başlığı Sonra Ok Bas

  • Високий тиск Перевірте Ін’єкційну головку і натисніть ОК

  • Magas-NyomásEllenőrzésKettős oltófejEzután nyomjon ok-t

  • Високо налягане Проверете двойна инжекционната глава и натиснете OK

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