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Empty blue screen on the Control Unit
Empty blue screen on the Control Unit
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If during an injection event, or when you turn on the device, you see a blue empty screen with no text, follow these steps:

  1. Take out the battery:

    • Turn off the device

    • Take out the battery

    • Wait for 30 seconds

    • Assemble the battery back

    • Turn on the device

      If you are using a Dual configuration system, take out the two batteries from the Primary and from the Secondary Control Unit.

  2. If after step 1 you still see a blue screen, perform the FOTA process.

  3. If after step 2 you still see a blue screen, you need to replace the panel, please contact your pHi-Tech representative. (Usually, in this case, you will have light indications on the control unit and if you navigate between the menu you will see the different icons. Only the display will be blue)

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