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Clean & Disinfect Needed Notification (5)
Clean & Disinfect Needed Notification (5)

Why am I getting the notification and what should I do?

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When will I get the notification?

If the Cleaning & Disinfection process hasn't been done on the pHi-Tech system in the last 24 hours and injections were performed, the system will display a message and show a light indication.

Types of Notifications

Control Unit

The Control Unit will display a message and an icon which will give you an indication of where the Cleaning is needed, in the Primary or secondary Control Unit.
The message will display for 20 seconds before it disappears.
You can also press the OK button to get rid of it:

Hand Unit

The Hand Unit will show an orange light indication. The orange light will disappear when the display message on the Control Unit disappears.

Mobile App

This is how the notification appears in different languages:


  • Limp & Desinfec. Aperte OK

  • Необходима очистка/дезинф., Нажм.ОК

  • Limp y Desinfección Pres OK

  • Temizlik&Dezenfek -siyon gerekli, OK'e basınız.

  • Потрібна Очистка та дезінфекція Натисніть ОК

  • Tiszt. & Fertőtl.Szükséges OK Nyomása

  • Почиств.&дезинфекция необходимо, Натиснете OK

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