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Android Version 4.3.38 / iPhone version 3.0.53
Android Version 4.3.38 / iPhone version 3.0.53
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Our newest release of the pHi-Tech Mobile App includes several new features:

  • After sending a vaccination program, a reset bottle volume occurs automatically.  If you do not wish to reset the bottle, uncheck the checkbox and click Apply/
    Current device only

  • View active devices in the past X hours. The default is 12 hours. Each user can define the amount of hours in the Setting screen.

In the Device Management screen, press on the gray check mark circle to activate the active devices filter. 

Green check mark circle- view all devices.

Gray check mark circle- view all active devices from the past X hours.

  • Select your language from the Settings screen.

The default langue is set to the language set in your Mobile phone. This feature was added to give you the flexibility of choosing a different language.

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