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Android Version 1.6.5 / iPhone version 1.6.5
Android Version 1.6.5 / iPhone version 1.6.5

Android Version 1.3.77 / iPhone version 3.0.92

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Our newest release of the pHi-Tech Mobile App includes several new features. You can watch the video or continue reading the article.

Date and Time format

You can now choose the Date and Time format on the Control Unit's display.
AM/PM vs 24 hours and the date format.

Temperature units

We added an option to view the temperature units in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius.

Configure the number of injection till needle replacement

The device tracks the number of injections performed and gives an alert when the set number is reached. You can now configure the number of injections done until you get the alert to replace the needle. Read here to see how.

Replace needle per bottle

Users who replace a needle every time they switch to a new bottle Don't need to enter a number of injection til needle replacement, they can enable the "Replace needle per bottle" feature and the needle counter will get reset automatically every time the bottle gets reset. Read here to see how.

Reset Secondary bottle volume

A reset option for the Secondary bottle volume was added. You can find this feature in the Vaccination Program setup screen. Read here to see more.

Upgrade multiple devices one after the other with FOTA

Instead of starting the FOTA process for each device individually, you can now put all the devices in FOTA mode and start the process. The upgrade will proceed to all devices one after the other.

Upgrade devices to your language

The firmware is now available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish. To get the firmware version please apply the FOTA process.

Quick Operator Update

You can now change the Operator from the Device Management screen without resending the whole vaccination program.

Disable the "Bottle empty alert"

Users who do not replace bottles but keep filling them up, can now disable the Bottle empty alert from the Mobile App us well as from the Control Unit. Read here to see how.

New Firmware available message

To let you know if there is a new firmware version available, you will see a message beside every device that needs an upgrade.

Location Services Message

The pHi-Tech Mobile App uses the Location Services on your mobile phone in order to communicate with the devices. Therefore if the Location Services are disabled, you will receive a message asking you to enable them.

Added dosage 0.05 for Aqua injections

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