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Android Version 1.3.130 / iPhone Version 1.8.4
Android Version 1.3.130 / iPhone Version 1.8.4

Multi- Level Account

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Our newest release of the pHi-Tech Mobile App includes the Multi-Level design and some other enhancements.

In the Multi-Level Account, each user will see only data related to his linked location,
The location field is now mandatory on all related screens.

  • Accept New Device
    -Communication with a new device is now prioritized and will take less time.

    -The location field is now mandatory before accepting a device:

  • Filter in all of our screens
    Operator management, Vaccine management, Location management, Device management:

  • Device information
    When setting up a program, the location field will be at the top and will sort all the data (vaccines, operators):

    Only linked vaccines and operators are displayed below.

  • Vaccine management and Operator management screen will have a new button for locations association:

  • Missing information
    An indication on the device card when sending a vaccination program is required – an orange frame and a 'Missing Information' is displayed that means we need to fill the program:

  • The Top Location name and the Section name is displayed on the Device management screen:

  • Alerts notification time will now show based on the device's local time.
    The hour is always synced with the device,

  • The Injection speed configuration is saved now.

  • Pop-up notifications are updated in all languages.

  • Bug fixes.

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