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To make sure all the injection event is synced without any missing data we need to see the two grey checkmarks and the green indication near the device ID.

We can also see at the beginning of the event the bottle icon is filled.

When we configure the vaccination program manually on the device,
we need to make sure the data exists on the mobile app.

If it is, we'll see the two grey checkmarks and the green indication.
Then, we can start injecting.

If not, we'll have an indication on the device card – an orange frame and an alert shown that means we need to fill the vaccination program:

In this case, the volume/dosage of the vaccine is probably unknown in the app.

How to solve Missing Information?

  1. Enter the device with the missing information:

  2. Insert the missing details:

  3. Send the vaccination program to the device:

  4. Verify you have the two grey checkmarks:

Please pay attention-

You may need to create a new vaccine in the vaccine management screen if the one you configured manually doesn't exist in the app.
Then, you'll need to send the program to the device.

After you make sure the program is synced on the app and you verify it is the same on the device, you can start injecting.

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