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Send a Vaccination program to multiple devices
Send a Vaccination program to multiple devices

Duplicate settings to all devices

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To reduce the time preparation before an injection event, we have a feature that can help you program multiple devices simultaneously.

Using this feature, you can duplicate settings between single devices and between dual devices separately.

  1. Turn on all the Control Units you are about to use in the current vaccination Event.

    2. Open the pHi-Tech Mobile App and wait for the icon indications to turn green. That means the app found the devices in the scan.

    3. Enter one of the devices by pressing on it.

Remember if you click on a single configuration device, you will be able to duplicate the setting only to other single configuration devices (and the same for dual configuration).

    4. Enter the vaccination Details.

    5. Scroll down and press the "Send" button.

    6. In the pop-up window you can choose:

  • To reset the bottle or not.

  • To duplicate only the settings (Injection mode, vaccine setup, batch number, injection type, and injection site), or to duplicate the settings and the location (including the section and subsection).

  • To which device you would like to duplicate the settings. All the currently connected devices, devices from my previous location, devices in the same location/ section, or devices that don't have any location configured.

7. Click 'Apply' (If you click on 'Current device only' it will not duplicate anything to the other devices).

8. You will see one (orange or gray) checkmark beside all the devices which had the settings duplicated too.

9. The last thing that is left, is to update the operators (if needed) in the rest of the devices. You can do that straight from the Device Management screen by clicking on the undefined/operator name.

Wait for the two checkmarks beside each device you programmed and then you can start working.

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