Injecting 2 different doses

Dual device- How to decide where to connect each bottle?

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Please Note

From x.4.13 Firmware Version this article is not relevant!

It doesn't matter which bottle you'll connect to the control unit.
The lower dosage can also be set on the primary unit.

The pHi-Tech devices currently have injectors that can deliver a dosage of 0.1ml-0.6ml.

When using a dual device (whether it's the dual\twin injection head) with two vaccines and different dosages, please notice you put the lower vaccine dosage in the Secondary unit.

Setting a vaccination program on the Mobile App

The mobile app will alert you when working in Oil&Oil with 1 needle and won’t let you select a smaller dosage for the secondary unit.

Setting a vaccination program in the Device

Please Notice

The vaccine with the smaller dosage is connected and configured to the Secondary unit.

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