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Oil&Oil vs Oil&Water Mode
Oil&Oil vs Oil&Water Mode

Vaccinating with a water vaccine

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Please Note

From Firmware Version x.4.13, there is no setting for oil&water!

We adjusted the system to suit both Oil and water adjuvant vaccines.

The pHi-Tech device has two working modes for a Dual system.

The first mode is Oil & Oil - for vaccinating with two oil-based vaccines and is used for both the Dual and the Twin Injection Heads.

The second mode is Oil & Water for vaccinating an oil-based vaccine with a water-based vaccine that has a different dosage.
It is used only when injecting with the Dual Injection Head (not the Twin Injection Head).

The difference is the injection sequence.
In the Oil & Oil mode- the secondary unit waits before the injection starts in order to finish the injection together and begin to pump together.

In the Oil & Water mode- the secondary vaccine gets pumped only when the Primary has finished injecting.

Please notice!

The water-based vaccine MUST be in the Secondary unit at all times.

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