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Vaccination program setup though the Mobile App

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The vaccination program defines the injection data of the current event:
Operator name, location, injection mode, vaccine name, provider, volume, dosage, batch number, injection type and site.

At the beginning of every new vaccination, you set up a new vaccination Program according to your needs.

In the Mobile App you fill in the vaccination Program parameters. 

First Vaccination Program setup?

Insert your personal Poultry house data: (Click each link for instructions)

Creating a new Vaccination Program

  1. Open the Device Management tab.

  2. Click on the device which you would like to set a Vaccination Program for (If all the par meters are the same, you can defined the same Program for all your devices).

  3. Select an operator.

  4. Select a Location.

  5. Select a Vaccine.

  6. Enter Batch number.

  7. Select Vaccine type.

  8. Select Vaccine site.

  9. Click on the "Send" button.

  10. Verify the data synced to the device.

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