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How to update missing vaccination data?

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When you have Data Records saved on your Mobile phone that have missing vaccination data, such as operator name, location, vaccine details, batch number, injection type, and injection site, you will receive a notification on the top of the screen.

It is recommended to resolve the missing data in order to, later on, use this data for analysis.

Editing the history records can be done to multiple records at once as long as they have the same dosage, volume and location.

  1. Click Edit beside the date you would like to edit:

2. All the records from the chosen date that have the same vaccine details (dosage and volume) will be selected:

3. Click on "Fill In Missing Data":

4. Fill in the missing information for the selected records:

  • NOTE if you have multiple records of different devices, you will have an option to choose an operator separately for each device:

  • The vaccine field will provide a list of the existing vaccines that match the record's dosage and volume.

If no such vaccine exists, please go to the vaccination management and create a new vaccine that matches the dosage and volume of the history record.

5. After filling in the missing data, click Save.

Now that the record is complete, it will be uploaded to the cloud. You will see the blue cloud icon and once it's uploaded it will turn to the green checkmark icon:

Repeat this process for all the missing Data Records.

  • Clicking on "Ignore & Upload Missing Data" will upload the Data Record as it is, with the missing data to the cloud and you will NOT be able to edit it.

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