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Allow pHi-Tech Support Access
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Written by Hadas Movshovitz
Updated over a week ago

We have just released the first stage of our new data privacy feature.

At the moment the pHi-Tech representatives can log in to the customers' accounts in order to give support when necessary.

From now on, each user can choose if they want to grant access to their account data or not.

All accounts are set as default to 'Always allow'. If a user wants to deactivate this option, he can click on the help icon on the top right of the Web App's screen and select 'Don't allow'.

In the next stage, all accounts will be set as default to 'Don't allow' and each user will need to login to the Web App and click on 'Always allow' or 'Allow access until' in order to grant access to a pHi-Tech representative for support.

We will provide further details and instructions when the next stage is ready.

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