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How to Log In to my pHi-Tech Account?
How to Log In to my pHi-Tech Account?

Logging into the pHi-Tech mobile app

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In order to log in to the pHi-Tech Mobile App, please make sure your company has an account and that you have a user name and password. If not, please contact your local Phibro representative.
Have a user name and password? You are ready to start!

Logging in Step by Step-

  1. To start, enter the pHi-Tech application on your mobile.

      *If you don't have the application, please download it:
​       Click here to download the iPhone app or
​       Click here to download the Android app 

     2. Fill in you Email Address and Password.

     3. Read and then slide the User Agreement and the Privacy agreement icon.

     4. Click on the Login button.
        The Login button will be enabled only when the Email Address and Password are
        filled in and the user agreement and privacy agreement have been confirmed.

If you are not able to log in, try looking at the following article -

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