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How to open the Console window in your browser?
How to open the Console window in your browser?
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The console window is a tool in your browser that 'writes information that could help us solve issues that you may be experiencing. If you've been asked to provide a information of your console window, here is how to do so:

  1. Press F12 on your keyboard to open the Console window.

     2. Go to the Console window.

     3. Once you have the console open, click F5 to refresh the page and then send us           the following information:
              - Take a full screenshot of the console by clicking on the Print Screen button                     on your keyboard.

         The screenshot should look something like this:

             - Copy the writing in the console window and paste it in the email you are
               sending us or in a Notepad file which you attach to the email.

                Please send the console message and the screenshot together with a few
                words about the problem you are having to:

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