Converting a Single system to a Dual system can be done only if you have a Secondary Unit.
If you bought a Single system you can contact your Phibro representative to upgrade and receive a Secondary Unit.

  1. Turn off the Control Unit.

2. Take the communication cable and insert the female side to the Control Unit (the inlet beside the up and down arrows). Turn the nut clockwise to tighten it.
Connect the male side to the Secondary Control Unit and turn the nut clockwise
to tighten it.

    3. Assemble the vaccine tube from the Secondary Control Unit into the B inlet of the Hand Unit by pushing it until you hear a click:

4. Turn on the Control Unit.

5. The Control Unit will automatically detect the change. You can see it in the Control Unit under the Mode settings:

      Or in the Mobile App, after you reconnect and see the green icon, you will see
      two sets of batteries and bottles instead of one:

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