Data Management

View and edit data from the Control Unit

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In the Data Management screen, you can view all the data you have from the vaccination event.

Collect Data

You can collect the new data from the Control Unit by clicking on the "Collect Data" button. Read here for more instructions.


You can filter the data view by the status or the device id:

Data Record Status

What can be done with Data Records?


  • If all records are completed, you can dismiss them from the screen. The records are always available in the cloud.

  • Two weeks from their creation, the records will be dismissed automatically.


  • If there are some records that haven't been uploaded to the cloud yet, you can upload them. Make sure you have internet connectivity. If not, try later when internet connectivity is available.


  • Records received from the Control Unit with missing data, such us: operator name, location, vaccine details, batch number, etc. Can be updated and then uploaded to the cloud.

  • Two weeks from the creation, the records will get uploaded automatically despite the missing data.

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