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What is a History Record and when is it created?
What is a History Record and when is it created?

What information is saved in a History Record? Where can I see the History Record?

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The Control Unit saves the injections data all the time, even if there is no Internet connection.

We can save up to 250 history records on the device itself, which should be enough for a week of working if you are not communicating with the app.

Our recommendation is to work with the Mobile App and collect all your data at the end of the day for your vaccination events to be synchronized.

The Control Unit creates a history Record with all the data in one of the following conditions:

  1. Every hour.

  2. When enabling the "Collect Data" button in the Data Management in the Mobile App.

  3. While turning off the Control Unit.

  4. When performing Priming or Calibration.

  5. After sending a vaccination program from the pHi-Tech Mobile App.

  6. When the user presses the on/off button.

What data is saved in the History Record?

  • Date and time

  • Device Id

  • Injection count

  • Injection speed

  • Vaccination plan

  • Operator

  • Location

  • Batch number

  • Number of errors

For more information check the link below-
When do the history records get uploaded to the Web App?

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