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Firmware version 2.3.5
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Written by Hadas Movshovitz
Updated over a week ago

Our newest firmware release for the pHi-Tech devices include several new features:

New initialization options

When turning on the Control Unit, the user can now decide what settings he would like to have and whether or not to reset the counters.
Read here for all the information.

Date and Time format

The user will now have the ability to control the date and time format display on the Control Unit, that can be configured though the Mobile App.

Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display

New option to display the vaccine temperature in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius.

Reset Counters- Control Unit shortcuts

To make the vaccination process more efficient, we added some shortcuts to reset the counters.

Priming Navigation

After stopping the Priming process the display screen will stay on the Priming Mode instead of returning to the main screen. This will help you navigate to the next step whether it's Priming for the second vaccine bottle or going to the Calibration Mode faster.

Removed multiple programs option

In the P mode on the Control Unit you can now save one Vaccination Program. This is in preparation for the next stage. 

High Pressure Notification

We have implemented some additions which now let the system inject with higher pressure. The system will notify you when the pressure gets too high.

Other bug fixes

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