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Where can I see the battery remaining?

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You can view the battery level both on the Control Unit and on the Mobile app.

Control Unit

  • Navigate to the Bottle icon:

The last value shown is the battery remaining.

If you have a dual system configuration, you can also check the battery level in the secondary unit.

  • Navigate to the Second Bottle icon:

The last value shown is the battery remaining in the secondary unit.

Mobile App

  1. Open the pHi-Tech Mobile App and wait for the icon indication to turn green.
    That means the app found the devices in the scan.

2. Enter one of the devices by pressing on it.

3. In the device card we can see the battery percentage:

You will get a notification on the control unit and on the mobile app when the battery level is low or critical.

Click here for more information regarding the battery level alerts:
Battery low notification-

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